Nidhi Hospital Proved It’s Motto “Adding Health To Life” By Saving The Limb Of An Accident Victim.

One 16yrs old Male Patient, brought to “Nidhi Hospital” Casualty with history of Road Traffic Accident on 08.05.19 at about 7.30a.m. He got grievous injuries over right hand & left leg with severe bleeding & pain. After a complete examination, he found to have large deep wound over right elbow with cut flexon mussels also deep cut wound over the left knee. A patient diagnosed to have a comminuted injury involving right elbow, fracture upper part radius head with brachial artery thrombosis in mid-arm with cut elbow muscle.

Henceforth in a view of multiple grievous injuries, the Patient underwent Emergency Surgeries; 1) Debridement & Right Brachial Artery Repair, 2) Debridement of Wound – Right a Limb & 3) Skin Grafting of Wound done by Surgeons’ Team. After surgeries, Patient improved & remained stable.

Our Doctors took quick decision & performed Emergency Surgeries on him, because of that we could save Patient’s hand otherwise it might have been amputated. Team’s hard work paid off and our treatment & care proved to be miracle for the patient with concern, we put the patient at ease & also helped him in gaining confidence with complete functional activity of his limb.

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